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WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards v2.2.0

The WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards is an innovative customer loyalty rewards plugin for WooCommerce that increases your customer retention and skyrockets your conversion rates.

This reward plugin for WooCommerce lets you loyalize your customers by rewarding them with points. With WooCommerce Points and Rewards, you can efficiently implement a reward system in your eCommerce store.

The loyalty points received by customers are redeemable as offering coupons, discounts on purchases, or other loyalty rewards. Not only that, the points are redeemable to attain the loyalty membership too, and become a part of the brand’s loyal members community.

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MakeWebBetter has developed a very innovative and efficient eCommerce solution – the WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards. As we know customer acquisition is very taxing on the marketing budget thus, it is very important to grow your loyal customer base and retain them with your brand. Keeping the importance of brand loyalty in mind we’ve developed this plugin for implementing a point and reward-based customer loyalty program efficiently on your online store.

This WooCommerce Rewards plugin rewards your customers with loyalty points on Sign Up, Referral, Product Purchase, Product Reviews, and many other functional activities performed on-site.

It also increases the Customer Lifetime Value by involving them in your Membership Loyalty Program. The membership feature comes with lucrative levels/tier base programs for keeping your customers engaged and interacting via earning points and leveraging the benefits of redeeming points in forms of offer coupons and discounts.

What can you do with the plugin?

  • Allow customers to earn points on their on-store activities.
  • Reward your customers in exchange for their brand loyalty.
  • Generate discount coupons.
  • Build your own loyal member’s community.

Benefits of WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards

    • It lets you add features to your store like the redemption of store credits.
    • You can inculcate loyalty points and discounts for customer engagement.
    • This plugin lets you increase your loyal customers by offering rewards like referral and sign up points.
    • Your customers can earn points on the basis of their on-store activities.
    • The WooCommerce reward plugin lets you build your own community of loyal customers.

WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards Offer hemp of Benefits to the merchants and customers both!

Key Features of WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards

This is a fully-feature loaded plugin. Here are important features of the WoCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards plugin:

  • Purchase Products through Points In this feature, the user can use their points for purchasing the products. It will also display the notification of how many points are required to purchase the products.
  • Coupon Generation The merchants can now send the notification to the users after setting up the number of days prior to the date of expiration for the notification. Also, the merchant can customize the whole message of the Email Template. The user can generate the coupon by converting its total points to coupons and use coupons like WooCommerce coupons.
  • Per Dollar Spent Points The user can earn points on every dollar spent and Merchant can set per dollar spent points.
  • Referral Purchase Point Feature When any new user gets registered through a referral link, then on the purchase of products by a registered user at every order the user who has sent the referral link will receive the referral purchase points.
  • Membership Feature
  • Admin End: Admin will create different levels of Membership as Premium, Silver, Gold, etc. Each level will be assigned with some loyalty points. Each level has some categories and products of above-selected categories (if no products are selected then all products of selected categories are assigned to that level), some discount (in %).
  • Front End: When customers will have sufficient points earned to reach on any level then only that level will be displayed with a select box, and other levels will also be listed in the table. When Customer becomes a member, they will get some offers on selected categories as well as products.
  • Points Expiration Merchants can now set the points expiration time period to redeem points by setting a threshold duration for counting the expiration date using the WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards.
  • Points Expiration Notification With WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards, the admin can now notify its customers to post setting the expiration period for the points earned by the customers via email.
  • Variable Product Support Merchants are now able to assign product points to each individual product variation also using WooCommerce Points and Rewards.
  • Purchase Product By Redeeming Points Customers can now redeem points to purchase products by making a partial payment with the amount and partially with points.
  • Share Reward Point Feature With this feature of the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin, the user can easily share their loyalty points with other users.
  • Points Log Feature The customer can view the points earned, redeemed, or coupons on their dashboard by enabling the points-log settings in the membership features section of the WooCommerce Points and Rewards.
  • Assign Product Points This feature enables easy assignment of points on the product and assigning points per product category.
  • Return/Deduct Points In the Return and Deduct Points section, loyalty points are dynamically managed based on the purchase and refund request.
  • Referral Points The merchant can set properties to reward points to users who invite other customers. The referred customer needs to sign up for the assignment of a successful point.
  • Sign Up Points The WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards plugin is capable of rewarding your customers with points as soon as they register on your website. You can set how many points you want to provide them for registration.
  • Comments Points When customers post comments on products or posts they are rewarded with points set by the admin.
  • Per Product Purchase Points When customers post comments on products or posts they are rewarded with points set by the admin.
  • Redeem Points Conversion The admin is required to set the points, their corresponding price, and the coupon amount received by the customer on converting each point to coupon price.
  • Minimum Points Required For Generating Coupon The admin can set the minimum points count required by the customer to generate the coupon. As soon as the user’s points count reaches the minimum required points value then he will be eligible to generate the coupon.
  • Custom Conversion The user can be allowed to convert his chosen points out of his total available points to coupons.
  • Individual Use The merchant can set that coupon is used as an individual coupon on a cart or can be used in conjunction with other coupons on the cart.
  • Coupon Length Merchant has the ability to define Coupon length from setting. The default length of the Coupon is 5.
  • Coupon Expiry The merchant has the ability to set the expiry date of the coupons generated by the users
  • Coupon Usage The merchant can set how many times he wants the customers to use that particular coupon.
  • Points Table Lists all the users who have received the points. The admin has the ability to modify user points and delete the user from the table.
  • Front End Points Tab New Points Section Tab is added to my account page in which referral link, current points, and coupon table is provided for customers. The customer can also generate coupons from this section.
  • Points Table Lists all the users who have received the points. The admin has the ability to modify user points and delete the user from the table.
  • Points Notification The Merchant can enable points notification through email for a customer at the time of points increment. Here if the setting is enabled then, points notification email sent to the customer automatically according to get points purpose email settings.
  • Bulk Product Points The Merchant can set per product purchase points in bulk from bulk product points setting.
  • Points log featureBoth admin and customer can see points log details, like on which date and event the customer has got those points.
  • Points TableLists all the users who have received the points. The admin has the ability to modify user points and delete the user from the table.
  • Social Media Share The user can also share their Referral link in social media i.e, Facebook, Twitter, and Email.
  • Referral Points Now admin has an option to enable the referral purchase points and also select the points for the user.
  • Enable/Disable Social Media Sharing Now admin has an option to enable/disable the social media share feature and also have an option where he wants to show their referral links.
  • Field denoting your points Now admin has an option to replace “My Points” with any Custom Text that he wants.
  • Enter Ways to Gain Points Now admin has an option to describe gain points in My Account points page.
  • Only Referral Points are Assigned Before using this feature make sure the referral points and referral purchase point should be enabled then admin can use this feature, in this feature user can only get the referral purchase point.
  • Membership Expiration Now admin can set the expiration date for the membership feature.
  • Restriction on Products Purchased Through Reward Points In this feature admin can restrict some product or product categories for “Products Purchased Through Reward Points”.
  • Widgets In this version, we add the Widget for showing “Current Points”, “Current Membership Level” and “Membership Expiration”.


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