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WooCommerce Availability Scheduler v11.3

The WCAS allows you to manage the availability of all your products, scheduling them throughout the day of the week. You will have the flexibility to choose for every day of the week (Monday to Sunday) one time range when your products will be available to your customers for purchasing, automatically hiding/showing the “add to cart button” (and optionally the product) on shop and product pages, showing a custom message and a countdown timer. Furthermore, product daily availability can be also limited by total sale per each day.

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WCAS plugin lets you display custom messages both on shop page and product page.
Let your customers know why product are unavailable for purchasing and when they will be using [start_time] and [end_time] shortcodes directly in custom messages.


WCAS gives also the option to restrict products purchase availability using users roles. In this way, the shop admin for a particular day of the week (Monday to Sunday) can set a particular time range and restrict the purchasing capability to only a set of users.


WCAS plugin gives you the option to display countdown timers that let your customers know how much time misses to start purchasing time, to the end purchasing time or to the expiration date and time.


By WCAS plugin you can set an expiring date time for every product. After this date-time the product will be automatically hidden and unavailable for purchasing (is set as ‘draft’). Optionally the product can be still set as visible (but it will be unpurchasable).

You can also display a countdown timer to the expiration date and messages (both on the shop and/or product pages) to be shown before and after the expiration date.


WCAS can automatically hide products during the “unavailable” period (set as ‘draft’) and make them visible only during the “available” period.


The WCAS gives also the option to limit the product available for each day setting a max value of total sales past which the product will be unavailable for purchase (or hidden, according to the Hide product during unavailability option).
The shop admin can also display a nice progress bar which displays the current sales progress per day. Bar colors can be customized in the options menu.


WAS plugin exposes some shortcode to be used in the product description, pages, etc. Here the list:

  1. [was_expiring_datetime]: prints the expiring datetime of the current product, optionally can be used as parameter “id” and/or “format” to print a expiring date and time of a specific product formatting date using a specific format. For example:
    [was_expiring_datetime id=”12” format=”d/M/Y”]: Will print the expiring date and time of product with id 12, printing only day, month name and year, for exampe: “27/Nov/2015”
  2. [was_start_time]: prints the start time of current day for the current product. Optionally can be user the “id” parameter. For example: [was_start_time id=”12”]
  3. [was_end_time]: prints the end time of current day for the current product. Optionally can be user the “id” parameter. For example: [was_end_time id=”12”]



Under the WooCommerce menu voice, shop admin will find a special voice “Bulk availability scheduler” by which he can easily bulk edit products availabilities.


WCAS plugin allows you to set availability for both simple and variable products. It however doesn’t support specific variations, so in case of variable products the availablity will be setted to the master product and not for a specific variation(s) of its.


to translate product availability messages procede as follow:

  1. Edit the product and in the Multilingual Content Setup meta box click on the Show system fieldshttps://www.codecanyon.eu/images/WAS/wpml/step_1.jpg
  2. Look for the following strings: https://www.codecanyon.eu/images/WAS/wpml/step_2.jpg and click on the Translate option
  3. Then edit the translated product. In the bottom you will find a new meta boxes that allows you to translate product availability messages: https://www.codecanyon.eu/images/WAS/wpml/step_3.jpg


Make sure that the theme you are using is correctly using the woocommerce_after_single_productwoocommerce_loop_add_to_cart_link and woocommerce_single_product_summary actions in the shop and single product page (as the woocommerce referece templates do) otherwise the plugin cannot hook properly to the the theme to remove the add to cart button, add the messages and countdown timers. All well designed theme correctly use these actions.

The plugin hasn’t any support for any plugin that customizes shop or product pages. Make sure you are using the standard product and shop templates.


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