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Premium Stock Market & Forex Widgets 3.0.2 – WordPress Plugin

Premium Stock & Forex Market Widgets plugin empowers your website with beautifully crafted financial widgets that display FOREX quotes and stock market data from many exchanges around the world. This is a must have tool for a wide range of websites – from news media and financial blogs to asset management firms and publicly traded companies.

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Key features


The plugin supports FOREX and many exchanges around the globe, including, but not limited to: NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Australian Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Exchange.

View all supported markets


Intraday (delayed) and historical quotes, key statistics (such as number of shares, market capitalization, dividend rate and yield, earnings per share etc), publicly traded company information, stock exchanges, RSS news feeds.


The plugin supports stocks, stock indexescurrency pairs (FOREX), cryptocurrencies (major coins against USD), equity options (extra add-on required), commodity futuresexchange traded funds (ETF), mutual funds and US Treasury bonds.


Dozens of unique hand crafted widget templates. Ability to choose any color for smooth integration into your website. Compatible with all modern browsers. Responsive on mobiles and tablets.


Static text strings (such as table column titles) can be translated to any language. Numbers and dates can be displayed using a format of your choice.


It’s possible to make the plugin automatically generate and display virtual asset pages (check these sample pages: AppleAmazonMicrosoft) when some generic URL containing the asset symbol is requested (e.g. https://yourwebsite.com/stocks/<SYMBOL>). The content of such virtual pages can be edited in the backend and can include any number of widgets.

Available financial widgets


  • Accordion widget allows to display a list of assets with option to expand each section see more detailed information, such as intraday quotes and historical chart.
  • With button widget you can easily create a call-to-action link or button with custom text and embedded market data.
  • Card widget lets you display intraday market data of an individual asset (stock, currency pair etc). They can be grouped together to display quotes of multiple assets using the same style.
  • Comparison widget allows to compare quotes and key metrics of multiple assets using verticallly oriented layouts.
  • Doughnut widget allows to display a doughnut graph of a certain data field (price, volume, shares outstanding or market cap) of specific assets.
  • Gauge widget provides a visualization of the current asset price relative to its day or 52 week low / high.
  • Inline widget allows to embed market data directly into text paragraphs, headlines, sidebars and other blocks.
  • Label widget is a small inline block with latest intraday quotes.
  • Leaderboard widget is a full-width block, which provides the latest quotes and some extra metrics, such as daily range, volume, market cap etc. This widget is best suitable for placement in the header of your website.
  • Odometer widget animates asset quotes using numbers scrolling.
  • Table widget provides a way to display the latest quotes and other important metrics in a tabular form. You can customize the widget to display assets (stocks, currencies etc) and the data fields (such as volume, shares outstanding, market cap, day low & high etc) you need.
  • Ticker widget is intended to add a scrolling tape with the latest quotes, similar to those used on stock exchanges, Bloomberg etc.
  • Toast widget is a small popup that appears on page load and displays the latest price of a given asset.
  • Typed widget makes asset quotes appear using a typewriter effect.


  • You can easily display historical line charts of different ranges and intervals – starting from 1 hour to more than 5 years (subject to data availability for a particular asset).
  • Table widget allows to display historical stock data (open, high, low, close, volume) of different ranges and intervals.


  • Card widget and list widget provide general information about a single publicly traded company (description, industry, sector, website, address, phone).
  • Table widget provides information about multiple publicly traded companies in tabular format.
  • Map widget displays the headquarters of a publicly traded company on a Google map.


  • Card widget displays the name of the exchange and its current status (open / closed).
  • Clock widget displays an analog clock with the time in a specific time zone.
  • Table widget displays a list of the world stock exchanges with their current status (open / closed).
  • Ticker widget displays a scrolling tape listing stock exchanges around the world.


  • Card widget displays the latest news headlines and summary from a RSS feed of your choice.
  • Ticker widget displays a scrolling tape with the latest news topics from a specific RSS feed.
  • Typed widget pulls the latest news topics from a specific RSS feed and animates them using a typewriter effect.


  • If you are an investor and hold many different stocks it’s essential to understand their current value. Portfolio table widget allows to track appreciation or depreciation of value of a specific portfolio. You can specify how many stocks you purchased and at what price and the plugin will automatically calculate the current portfolio market value, historical price change, absolute and percentage return.
  • Search widget allows to add an autocomplete assets search dropdown. Upon search is completed it’s possible to either redirect a user to a separate asset detail page or display quotes for the searched asset without leaving the page.


  • Chart widget allows to visualize relationship between strike and price, volume or implied volatility.
  • Table widget provides intraday equity option quotes for a given stock.

Important: Equity Options Add-on is required.

Widget builder

Widgets are added to a page or post in 3 quick and easy steps.

  • Customize a widget using intuitive Widget builder
  • Copy the generated shortcode
  • Paste the shortcode to a page or post

There is no need to manually construct or edit any HTML or PHP code. Absolutely no technical skills are required to add stock market widgets to any website.

Why choose Premium Stock Market Widgets?

  • More than 1,750 installations (WordPress + PHP versions).
  • 4 years on the market.
  • The largest collection of financial widgets.
  • Free automatic lifetime updates.
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme.
  • Professional support is at your service to resolve any potential technical issue.
  • New widgets, features and visualizations are added on a regular basis.
  • The plugin has been tested against SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Local File Inclusion and other major types of security vulnerabilities.
  • Plugin is built according to the best programming practices and WordPress Development Codex.
  • Gutenberg compatible.


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