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Click Ranger Pro v1.1.3 – Start Tracking User Clicks and More

Click Ranger Pro is designed to ease that burden for site owners – no JavaScript knowledge necessary. Once the plugin is installed, there is an intuitive, front-end interface that will allow you to select any element on your site and start tracking it as an event. You can also select whether these elements should track universally throughout the site, or just on one specific page. All your Google Event statistics will be tracked in Google Analytics. See how easy it is to create Google Events to track in the video below.

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Start Tracking User Clicks and More!

Click Ranger Pro helps you easily track user clicks, downloads, and events of your WordPress website to Google Analytics.

See How It Works

Once installed, it only takes a few steps to track clicks, downloads, and all other user events on your website.

All data is sent to Google Analytics.

No JavaScript or coding knowledge needed.

If you can use WordPress, you can use Click Ranger Pro.

How Click Ranger Pro Points the Way

We make tracking Google events easy.

After 15 years of developing websites, we know how much trouble gathering data can be.

We will get you straight to the data that is most valuable to you.

You don’t have to fuss with javascript code or PHP pages.

  • Affiliates

Find your top performing links to identify where to spend time promoting content.

  • eCommerce

See where items are being purchased on your website.

  • Media Tracking

Locate the route users take to your video content.

  • Lead Generation

Track your form submissions from your landing pages.

Now you can find out if that new Call To Action button is drawing the attention you expected. Click Ranger Pro connects to your Google Analytics account enhancing the data you’re already collecting so you can make better decisions about your content.


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